Perfectionism: Remember This When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Perfectionism: Remember This When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

It can be easy to fall into a trap of feeling that we are not good enough. We can go through periods of disliking or even hating ourselves, comparing ourselves to others and not believing others when they tell us that we are beautiful, special and loved. Perfectionism can become our biggest enemy; we’ll look for evidence that we’re not good enough and not deserving of love, no matter how many times we’re told that we are.

You might feel that there is a lot of pressure to stack up to something, and this pressure often comes from our society. You might feel judged if you’re not married with children, single at a certain age, not a homeowner, look a certain way, on a low income or simply haven’t figured out your desired career yet.

Amongst all of this ‘pressure’ many of us experience at some point of our lives, it can be easy to forget just how great we really are as individuals, and overlook the little quirks that make each and every one of us so unique.

It can be easy to be your biggest critic. You might sometimes feel like curling up into a ball and eating an entire tub of ice cream and beating yourself up. But despite this, it is so important to embrace everything about ourselves and embark on a journey of self love and acceptance.

If this is something that you may need help with, here are some things that might help you.


Don’t believe everything you think.

It can be very easy to let our mind’s tell us otherwise when we are trying to tell ourselves how great we are. When you experience a discouraging thought, try to label it as just that; a thought. Let it go and try not to give in to the power of negative thoughts. Remember that if the mind can make us think negatively we can also train it to think positively too!


There is more right with you than there is wrong.

Our ‘flaws’ and failures are what makes us great. They help us to learn, grow and give us an opportunity to be unique. Try to remember that most people will not even notice the flaws that you see in yourself. Many people might even think that they’re quite the opposite of imperfections!


Do not compare yourself with others.

You might have heard this many times before, but it really is important to not compare yourself to anyone else. No two people are the same, and one of your greatest advantages is that fact that you are simply, just you! No one else can be you, and that is your superpower! Embrace everything about yourself, because there will be others who are looking up to you and admiring who you are, even if you don’t notice yet.


Learn to fully accept yourself.

If you haven’t accepted where you are now, you might find it difficult to move forwards. Until you can accept and appreciate where you are right now, you are unlikely to feel fully satisfied with your next steps.


Focus on progress rather than perfection.

Try this: rather than focusing so hard on ‘getting it right’, learn to love your process and celebrate where you are right now. When you fall in love with the process, the journey will become a lot easier.


I hope that these tips and reminders have helped you in some way. Remember, you are good enough just as you are. Every time you remind yourself of this (and believe it), self love will become just that extra bit easier.


As always, please reach out should you need anything.



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